Wood Blinds         

   VOOM window fashion wood blinds VOOM window fashion wood blinds

Whether your home décor is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, versatile Wood
Blinds (also called Venetian Blinds) add warmth and beauty to your living spaces.
From rustic to ultramodern, wood blinds are offered in a variety of paint and stain
colors, setting a beautiful, aesthetic tone for your living and work spaces.

     Faux Wood Blinds

VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds  VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds  VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds

  Faux Wood Blinds are sturdy, strong, and a cost-effective way to beautifully
transform any room in your home. An affordable alternative to wood, these
enduring blinds coordinate beautifully with all other window treatments and
decor styles. They are easy to clean and are engineered to withstand moisture.   

   Vertical Blinds

   VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds

Sophisticated Vertical Blinds give patio doors and large windows drama and
Choose from a wide variety of designer-inspired light-filtering,
room-darkening or fabric louvres. Vertical Blinds from a perfect top-to-bottom
solutions with great light control.

       Vinyl Blinds

VOOM window fashion vinyl blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vinyl blinds

 Vinyl Blinds are both practical and good looking. Offered in 2" slats in
a variety of colors, textures and finishes. Perfect for basements,
bathrooms, garages and laundry rooms. Call for your free consultation
with a design consultant today.