Wood Blinds         

   VOOM window fashion wood blinds VOOM window fashion wood blinds

Wooden (or Venetian) blinds are a way to add timeless comfort and style to your home or business, no matter the decor. Our variety of paint and stain colours can achieve the versatility of any aesthetic, from classic to contemporary. A lasting choice, these blinds set a graceful tone for any space within your home or your workspace.


     Faux Wood Blinds

VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds  VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds  VOOM window fashion faux wood blinds

Looking for a durable, cost-effective alternative? Faux Wood Blinds are the way to go! Their realistic appearance mimics real wood grain yet gives bang for your buck - designed to wick away moisture, they are easier to clean than traditional wood blinds. Coupled with their ability to coordinate beautifully with other treatments and styles, these blinds are an excellent choice for your business or living spaces.

   Vertical Blinds

   VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a mature, stylish way to give patio doors and large windows a balance of light-control and proportion. Our designers at VOOM provide a variety of  light-purifying, room-darking, or fabric louvres to control the atmosphere of any room.

       Vinyl Blinds

VOOM window fashion vinyl blinds  VOOM window fashion vertical blinds  VOOM window fashion vinyl blinds

Vinyl blinds are a great solution for privacy and light-control in basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. VOOM provides practical 2” slat vinyls in many colours, textures, and coats.


We deliver custom window blinds for residential or commercial projects throughout the Connecticut and Westchester county area.
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