Cellular Shades

Voom window fashions cellular shades residential  Voom window fashions cellular shades residential  Voom window fashions cellular shades residential

Cellular shades are a stylish, energy-effective solution for climate control within the home or workplace. The closed-cell honeycomb design creates insulating air pockets that reduce the intrusion of heat and cold trespassing through the windows and into the home. Cellular shades offer the added benefit of noise-reduction in rooms with hard flooring (great for families with children, or any business requiring peace and quiet). VOOM offers customizable cellular shades that are able to fit into window arches or other unusual spaces.

      Woven Wood Shades

Voom window fashions woven wooden shades residential  Voom window fashions woven wooden shades residential  Voom window fashions woven wooden shades residential

Woven wood shades inspire the natural in all of us with their beautiful, organic design. These planet-approved window treatments are made from sustainable materials like jute, grasses, bamboo, and other natural materials. VOOM offers woven wood shades  in a variety of different warm tones and opacity levels to match your unique preferences.

Roller Shades

Voom window fashions roller shades residential  Voom window fashions roller shades residential  Voom window fashions roller shades residential

Practical, sophisticated and sleek, Roller Shades are the perfect addition to any rooms. Our fabric selection at VOOM is handpicked by experienced designers, offering you a variety of shades, patterns, and potential! We offer additional decorative options like scalloped hems and customizable trims, along with choice of light control ranging from sheer to blackout fabrics.

      Pleated Shades

 Voom window fashions pleated shades residential   Voom window fashions pleated shades residential  Voom window fashions roller shades residential

Pleated Shades are like traditional shades, yet add structure through their uniformly spaced, neat folds of fabric. They are customizable in their colour, pattern, and translucence, which makes them extremely versatile and practical for light control and privacy. Our manufacturers at VOOM offer 1-2” pleats, making them appropriate for windows of many different scales.

      Solar Shades

 VOOM window fashion solar shades commercial  VOOM window fashion solar shades commercial  VOOM window fashion solar shades commercial

Solar Shades are the perfect solution to sunny areas for your home, restaurant, or outdoor space. Our expert VOOM consultant will help you choose the perfect fabric, weight, and opacity levels for your Solar Shades to protect you from sun glare and UV rays while still maintaining the outdoor view. 


Custom window treatments for skylightsCustom cellular shades for skylights with manual adjustable extendable arm

We offer a beautiful of selection of custom window treatments for skylights, including motorized, remote control options as well as manual. 

Dual Shades

Beautiful custom dual shades blackout and sheer window treatments in a chic kitchenStunning New England bedroom with dual shades, blackout roller shades and green transparent roller shades for light control

Dual shades are the perfect solution for shades that fit your daytime or nighttime needs - with customizable light control, we provide dual shades from sheer to blackout. These dynamic window treatments are perfect option for a look thats not only beautiful, but also practical. 


We deliver custom window blinds for residential or commercial projects throughout the Connecticut and Westchester county area.

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